New Website La Mar Construction 2016

The new 2016 website is here. Technology gets old and changes were necessary … Plus, it was time for a facelift!

Welcome to the new 2016

LA MAR ‘s old website was first designed for NLL Construction, then updated for La Mar in 2005 .  AJA! Web Solutions started using hand coded HTML for the NLL Construction site. Later I used Frontpage combined with Macromedia Flash for banners and some slide shows. (Flash does not work well on mobile devices or tablets and that needed to change).

The old site was maintained and updated once or twice a year with new project images and changes. The old site served its purpose, was quick and effective, but it was a static site. It looked something like this:

La Mar Construction 2005 Site

La Mar Construction 2005 Site

VISIT OLD SITE – OLD 2005 La Mar Website

The new upgraded, responsive and dynamic 2016 La Mar Construction website has many new features. Responsive websites adapt to different displays automatically and work on all Platform and devices. Dynamic sites are live with new content, rank higher in search engines and Administrators and Author user can be part of it adding important content. Subscribers can comment on the articles. Now. theres is No need to call the webmaster to make simple changes or to add content. (Ex. Managers can post new instructions for Employees)

La Mar Constuction 2015 site

La Mar Construction 2016 site

A CALENDAR with an UPCOMING EVENTS Widget can be edited by Employees. Appointments, Deadlines, Birthdays, Anniversaries and all kinds of customizable events can be added, exported and or automatically SYNCHRONIZED with (GOOGLE , OUTLOOK CALENDARS and others) to all of your devices. A VCITA widget can be used to coordinate Appointments.

A Google Maps script can help customers find the office location, visualize the area and even get Directions. Social Buttons can help propagate the site and can help find new customers. *Social Media changes can be lively posted and auto-synchronized on the website.

Also important files can be uploaded, shared and downloaded from the new site.

Hope you like the new 2016 website…

Andres J Acosta – Webmaster
AJA! Web Solutions

Tel 787 219 1208


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