LMC minilogo  LA MAR CONSTRUCTION LLC has a growth in work volume, loyal professional personnel, and assets. The staff includes engineers, project supervisors, carpenters, masonry, laborers, administrative and clerical personnel. All the activities of the firm are directed by key personnel of our staff. They are directly responsible for the planning, staffing, project management, supervision, cost control and scheduling of all the projects.

LA MAR CONSTRUCTION LLC is housed in a modern facility with approximately 5,000 square feet, in a two story office building in a convenient location in Lajas, Puerto Rico (Southwest of the Island, near Mayagüez).

The latest technological advances are being used to help keep our staff current in their field, and productive in their area. The Network Computer Facilities processes a wide variety of engineering, project management, scheduling, cost control, payroll, accounts payable and other accounting programs.




One (1) Project Manager
Two (2) Civil Engineer
Five (3) Project Supervisors
One (1) Surveyor
One (1) Accountant
One (1) Payroll Officer
One (1) Purchasing Officer
One (1) Administrative Assistant
Three (3) Project Office Clerks
One (1) Equipment Coordinator
Approximately one hundred forty (140) field employees including laborers, carpenters, masonry, welders and others.



Modern Office facility with 5,000 square feet, located in Lajas, Puerto Rico (Southwest of the Island, near Mayagüez). There is also a work shop of 3,000 s.ft. in an area of approximately 8,000 square meters, used for repairs and maintenance of our construction equipment.

• Computer Network with seven (7) stations
• Computer Programming for Cost Control, Scheduling, Estimates
• Payroll, Accounts Payable, and various engineering tasks.
• Motor vehicles – Four Pick-ups, Maintenance Truck, Water Truck, Flatbed Truck, Tractor Trailer
• Construction Equipment – One Tower Crane, Five Cranes, Backhoes, Bulldozers, Six Diggers, Traxcavator, Compaction Equipment, Four Telescopic Forklifts, Two Dump Trucks, and Concrete Mixers among others.





Electrical  Mechanical  Occupational Safety
and Health 
Quality Electric, S.E.
Mr. Steven Anglada
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H.Q.J. Plumbing
Mr. Efraín González
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Mr. Julio C. Ayala

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Maral Engineering, Corp.
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